Fiber optics is a technology that has not been widely used despite its use for many years because it is an expensive system used in the private sector in the world. But nowadays, fiber optic cables and highly economical methods of workmanship are found. At this point, every technology has been started to use this technology which can transfer very high quality data and signals. Especially, this technology will reach to economic prices, which will cause it to be used in the field of CCTV. With fiber optic technology, many of the opportunities that your professionalism brings will be easily used. These;
• Video signal losses occurring on long distances will be prevented. It will be possible to carry lossless pictures, sound and data even at serious distances such as 120km.
• Since no metal conductive material is used in the cables, problems such as grounding fault, voltage leakage, high voltage and magnetic field will not occur, and most importantly, systems will be isolated automatically against overvoltages caused by weather conditions such as lightning. Defects that occur during bad weather conditions will be minimized. Also, since there is no oxidation in the cable, there will be no signal loss over time.
• Depending on the characteristics of the transmitter and the receiver, it is possible to make voice communication via a single fiber core, which can be used for 16 cameras, voice, data and mutual contacts.
• It provides secure digital and image transmission. Taking pictures from there removes all possibilities like giving another picture.
• It has proved its reliability for many years since the use of serious places (Airports, Military, State Buildings) in communication systems.
• Long life. The investment made is always profitable.
• Maintenance and repair is easy.
• It saves labor.
• Provides simple installation time and quick installation possibilities.
Systems are available for expansion. It is always up to date as it does not require any software.

Fiber Optic Signal Transport Systems
• 10 Digit encoded and uncompressed video transfer
• Respond automatically to overload protection
• Electromagnetic, frequency and earth current blocking
• Surface mounting technology
• LED status notification for operation control
• 3rd class lightning protection
• Easy installation possibility
Plug / Play architecture that does not require any configuration


• Factory and wide production facilities
• Airports
• Shopping malls
• Highway projects
• Military and State Buildings
• Ships
• Ports
• Subway lines
• Health Complexes
• Great Hotels
• Exhibition Centers
• Stadiums