Access control systems provide a secure working environment for employees and also allow for keeping track of the work hours of the staff and to manage circulation. Depending on the working hour information, the necessary data for the staff payroll is transmitted to the relevant person. It allows for the tracking and reporting of entry and exit records, making access restrictions with specified task definitions, creating a safe working environment, recording all movements and creating scenarios by defining extraordinary or ordinary situations.

Card Access Control Systems

Access control systems consist of hardware and software components. In the hardware part, mainly access cards, card readers and reader panels are used. The information on entry cards is received by the card reader and transmitted to the panel. Entry is allowed if the cardholder has permission. Mertsat works with brands that manufacture the world's leading access control equipment. Our company has successfully built many domestic and international projects with these brands. 

Mertsat attaches special importance to the reporting part of these systems it installs.  It enables such facilities as the instant communication for the staff in situations that entail easily reporting or alarm (i.e. forcing the door) In addition, thanks to the "anti-passback" feature, it prevents the exit of a person who entered right after a üperson who used his/her card and notifies the officials about this security gap. Another feature is to increase the life safety of the environment by restricting entries in places where the number of people should be limited.

In Turkey, an average of thousands of people are using the systems set up by Mertsat in their work area.