Aviation and Airports sector is developing rapidly all over the world. Our country is one of the leading countries in the sector due to its position and the investments it has been making in the aviation sector. This development affects aviation companies, air navigation facilities, companies and storehouses serving in this sector, and personnel working in it. This development and growth make the high necessities obligatory together with it. Mertsat offers solutions to a wide range of areas including the sector and subbranches.

Mertsat uses state-of-the-art CCTV cameras and card access control panels in airports. The most important feature that differentiates Mertsat's systems that manage high human traffic from other systems is that the totally integrated with one another systems uninterruptedly work even in the event of failure. Systems that are continuously recording 24 hours a day allow recording in any conditions with RAID 5 units equipped for any state of failure. These special systems, which continue to record even during the replacement of faulty memories, provide an uninterrupted safety network. Our company also carries out the environmental safety systems at world standards of all airports for which it provides solutions with the same quality and understanding.