Mertsat takes the access of unauthorized persons under control with the alarm systems it presents. By so doing, it prevents burglary and robbery. The burglar alarm system is an important necessity for the workplaces and the end users. The components of this system are integrated with one another and thus sound the alarm at the right time. This feature avoids possible losses that might be yielded by malicious people.

Besides, it allows emergency information to be sent to the necessary units through special buttons at times of danger. It sounds an alarm in the event of incidents such as sudden or large changes in measurable values, such as ambient temperature, flood, window breakage or unauthorized opening of doors. 

These systems, which can be operated with a password and remote control devices, also allow for implementing the tracking of controlled opening and closing.

The alarm system consists of five main sections.

• Sensors-detectors,

• With alarm panel,

• Alerters,

• System control and control tools,

• Connection between these.

    Alarm, News Retrieval System

Mertsat meets the needs of business partners for alarm, news retrieval and monitoring by partnering with leading companies in the sector. These centers provide 24/7 alarm, news retrieval and monitoring services with advanced technology and under the supervision of experienced professionals. 

Communication of alarm systems with these centers is provided. In this way, alarms and failures that pose risks, such as theft, robbery, fire, flood and unauthorized access, are transmitted to the alarm monitoring centers specifying the address via land lines, GPS, GPRS. 

Received alarm and failure information are tracked by field expert professionals through special software. All contact details about where the alarm is given are available at the centers. In the event of an alarm, predetermined action scenario is put into practice. 

Services offered by alarm centers:

- Creating a separate risk scenario plan for each subscriber
- Checking subscriber information and signals over the Internet
- Controlling of the tracking of subscribers' opening-closing 
- Detection of the operations of unauthorized personnel and taking action according to the prepared   
- Reporting by which users, on what date and time the system is turned on and off, on which dates and 
  for what reasons, the alarm is operated.
- Detection and notification of signal transmission problems caused by telephone lines
- Notification of the failure transmitted by the alarm system to the alarm monitoring center to the 
  subscriber and technical team
-Apart from law enforcement units, notification of the lawyer or the special doctor when necessary
- Panic alarm tracking