Mertsat acknowledges that sustainable success for today and for the future depends on the professional and personal development of its employees. Flexibility, constant training and dissemination of best practices form the basis of our Human Resources Policy.

Critical Staff and Young Managers Candidates

Critical staff selection and evaluation process occur through identification of professional skills, evaluation of employees with more than one criterion, preparation of development and career plans, employee feedback and employee support/follow-up on a permanent basis. These people who are identified are supported to participate in the trainings organized and their developments are contributed by providing them with the opportunity to take part in the projects.

Training & Development

Training & development programs are designed to increase the efficiency of white and blue collar employees, and at the same time, improve the organization. Trainings planned ad hoc to our employees start with the "Orientation Program" which provides fast and easy adaptation to our company; continues with the activities that enhance the competence of our employees and guide our employees throughout their learning processes. The training plan and budget are conducted annually in consultation with our department managers and depending on the goals and strategies of our company in the relevant period.

Employee Satisfaction & Suggestion System

"Employee Satisfaction Survey" is conducted once a year in order to get the views of our employees; the results of the survey are evaluated by company management and announced to employees and the results play an important role in determining the policies. Also; all employees are included in the Suggestion System, which is established to ensure that all employees present their ideas regarding improvement and development, that appropriate proposals are put into practice, that they embrace the organization and feel themselves in the family of our company; and all their opinions and recommendations are taken into consideration during the evaluation process.

Career Opportunities at Mertsat

Mertsat has made a principle of working with result oriented, dynamic, flexible, positive communication skills, creative and progressive people.