Mertsat offers systems designed according to authority levels for business partners who need an interlock system. Interlock door control basically depends on the fact that other doors in the same room cannot be opened if a door is open. The system is designed to assure that the person remains within the security area at the time of a possible threat and that his/her security is ensured until the threat is over.

Having had applied in the managerial offices at the managerial floors of the important plazas in Turkey in the first place, the system is widely used in the managerial offices of many banks, manufacture facilities and business centers today.

The system which is also used in prisons and detention houses with the aim of ensuring the safety of inmates under threat, has the feature of deterrence as well. 

Except for facilities where there is a need for security such as military buildings, this system has started to be used in places such as operating rooms, sterile rooms and laboratories.