Different security systems must be integrated into one another in order to operate at the maximum efficiency. Integration of the systems is of crucial importance in terms of safety of life and property. Mertsat builds integrated systems that will fully meet the needs of its business partners, with its knowledge and experience.

   Access control systems and video systems are the most important parts of a security network. Lack of integration in the operation of these two systems curbs efficiency to a grave extent. For example, the information that someone passed through a door using his/her card, is not enough. It will not be possible to know whether the person using the card is the true owner of the card without seeing the footage from the camera. 

  The integrity of the security network is important in order to be able to receive answers to such kind of questions. The integration of the camera and access control systems to each other helps to get clear answers to questions about security. Mertsat has all sorts of software and hardware to implement these security system integrations without leaving any security gaps. Integration between access control systems and all leading video recording systems is ensured. 

  While access control systems provide security, they do not put human lives in danger by blocking exits in emergency situations such as fire. With the integration of fire systems, when a fire alarm warns the system, the doors open automatically to ensure that residents leave the building, and does not risk safety.  With the environmental safety and video system integration, in the event of an alarm in the environmental security system, the cameras scanning the area turns to the alarm zone according to the incoming signals and show the images of these zones in the alarm monitors. 

  Offering flexible integrated solutions to the processes and needs of the organizations, our company builds also completely renewable systems, and also presents compatible solutions to existing infrastructures.

  Video System Solutions ( Analog video recording systems )

Today's most common video security system is analog camera systems. Mertsat has built thousands of analog video recording systems in the Country and abroad. Our company offers a wide variety of cameras (dome, fixed and mobile), which can display high quality images, can be recorded with analog recording devices and are suitable for all kinds of conditions, to its customers. Mertsat, which has established several mobile camera systems in our country, is a leading company in camera security. Provides indoor and outdoor security with the world's most successful camera brands.

In these systems, the video signal coming from the camera is converted into digital and stored on the Digital Video Recorder (DVR). An important requirement for multi-camera analog systems is that security personnel can quickly access it. In the systems we use for this purpose, the security personnel can quickly view the footage or control the moving cameras by pushing a few keys.

  Video System Solutions( IP video recording systems)

Our company, which supplies the needs of the customers with IP (Internet Protocol) camera systems that are rapidly spreading with the development of internet technologies, is a brand that stands out with its experience in this field.

The main difference between IP systems and analogue systems is that the footage sent by the cameras is transferred digitally via network connection. This digital footage is stored by the network video recorders (NVR) on the servers. It is possible to watch the footage from all computers that can access this server over the Internet or from mobile devices such as phones and tablets.  

With its existing knowledge and experience, Mertsat establishes systems that business partners will use for many years by most effectively meeting the requirements brought about

together with IP systems such as bandwidth and subnetting structure. In addition, it trains business partners about how and where to use the various video compression techniques in IP cameras. With these trainings, it prevents the problems that may arise in security systems. 

As with analogue systems, it is very important to reach all cameras rapidly in IP systems as well. The systems Mertsat uses for this purpose allow to see footage rapidly.  Since the systems we use are both analog and IP-supported, we enable our partners to control any type of cameras. By so doing, we allow our business partners to shift to IP systems while

preserving their existing analog investments. Besides, the network video recorders (NVR) of the Hikvision brand, of which Mertsat is the Turkey distributor, consist of fault-tolerant

systems that passed through long tests.

 It also allows the video to be stored safely.

  Video System Solutions( Megapixel video recording systems )

One of the biggest advantages of IP Camera systems is that they can use very high definition cameras. While a standard IP or Analog camera delivers images at TV quality, High-resolution cameras called "megapixel" (million pixels) can display up to fifty times as the resolution taken from a TV. Mertsat successfully installs these systems in its business partners with its leading brands in this field.

The megapixel cameras, which can be up to 16 million pixels in resolution for now, are especially used in large areas such as the stadiums or the harbors. With excellent image quality and very high resolution, these cameras make security personnel's job easier, allowing them to detect and prevent dangers from the very beginning. It is possible to see the face of a person and read the plate of the vehicle from meters away with these systems. These systems will be the indispensable needs of the points that require high detail.

With the 360 and 180-degree special panoramic cameras that are in the range of high resolution cameras, the opportunity of getting high resolution images at low cost is offered for indoor security as well.

HD and MegaPixel technologies will guide the future of video systems.  

Video System Solutions ( Hybrid video recording systems )

Mertsat aims to protect and sustain its business partners' investment. For this reason, it has developed hybrid systems peculiar to customers who have analogue systems but want to continue their new investments with IP or Megapixel technologies. As the use of existing analog technologies continues, the integration of IP and Megapixel systems is done, and unproblematic high efficiency is gained from these two technologies on the same platform.

Mertsat generally develops this special solution for the business partner in such situations where the analog cameras may be sufficient to meet the requirement and only a limited number of high-resolution IP cameras are needed. This solution is provided with Hybrid video recorders (HDVR). These cameras have the feature to record both analogue and IP cameras on the same system at the same time. Thanks to HDVR, it is possible to add new technology IP cameras to already installed analog cameras in one place.

Another way to combine IP systems with analog cameras is to use encoders.  Encoders, that are installed in the business partners who have strong computer infrastructure, but still want to use the existing analog cameras, convert analog cameras into IP cameras Encoders convert the incoming analog signal to digital and transfer it via the internet connection to the network video recorders. This video is saved on the servers. 

Mertsat has successfully integrated many of its projects into existing systems by working with industry-leading brands in these projects.

  Video System Solutions ( Cloud video recording systems )

Mertsat provides perfect integration of the systems it presents for the business partners with today's technologies. Furthermore, it follows the developing technologies and pioneers the spread of these technologies by its experience and expertise. In line with this business concept, it is among the first few companies to present video recording systems called cloud registration system in our Country.

In IP or analog video recording systems, users must obtain recorders, and make settings and maintenance of these devices. The system entails additional investments in line with shifting needs. Cloud informatics centers consist of large and powerful computers that are installed in various parts of the world. In cloud video systems, the entire recording system is stored in an information processing center, far from the installation site. Users of the system can securely write and read any kind of data they want on these computers via the internet from any part of the world.

Cloud information processing center, takes on all of the system settings and maintenance. In this way, the users would be able to establish their systems by just setting up their cameras without making any other investments. Besides, since the backup of the data is constantly saved in the information processing center, loss of data due to such reasons as fire or flood is out of question. Since recording services are offered at the information processing center, it allows for fast and efficient service in accordance with changing needs. Our company also provides this service to the institutions that want to create their own networks.