Mertsat takes all public buildings with high security level seriousness. It serves these public buildings in a way that fully meets all requirements with its innovative and expert identity.

  Mertsat accurately prevents unauthorized entry and exits of the staff of courthouses and similar structures within the determined areas by using biometric systems, and provides full control.

  Prison and Detention Houses are special projects due to their field of service. There is a hierarchical diversity that forms out of the Ministry of Justice staff, inmates, detainees, visitors and law enforcement agencies that provide environmental security. Projects for prisons and detention houses must also be multi-tiered due to their operation characteristics. Contrary to what is known, a CCTV system per se, is not the most critical security point in the prisons and Detention Houses. The layered order in the Prisons and Detention Houses includes many different details starting from placing the correct prisoner in the correct room, conducting appropriate counting and controlling the entrance to and exit from the facility. The inmate counts that has lasted for hours in the past, have been reduced to minutes by means of established and integrated security systems. With the automation systems developed, the areas where inmates are located can be controlled instantaneously.

  With its expertise in this field, Mertsat, carries out security counseling for several prisons and detention houses.

  Mertsat can manage the authorized entries and exits with advanced technologies such as iris recognition technology that is also applied in Turkey, and prevent the use of false identities by this means. In order to form a safe environment for inmates, the Ministry of Justice staff and visitors, all solutions ranging from CCTVs to access control systems have been upgraded to the highest level so they can work in integration.

  Mertsat provides solutions for all electronic security and automation systems requirements of Prisons and Detention Houses.