About US
        Mertsat® Electronics and Trade, which conduct activities in Headent, Smatv, Satellite, Fiber Optic, Camera and Security Systems, was established in 1997 and has been carrying on Commercial activities as Mertsat® Electronic Engineering Co. Ltd. since 2009. In 21 years that have elapsed since its first establishment to this day, it has completely mastered in its subject matter and took its place among the primary institutions of Turkey with its constantly changing vision and the great significance it attributes to quality and understanding of service.   

        Mertsat® Electronics that does not content itself with only incorporating a quality service process in its entity, also breaks many new grounds with the importance it attaches to design project activities. Besides, giving always a top priority to customer satisfaction with the rigor of sales and after sales services, has been adopted as a principle by Mertsat® electronics managers and staff.

     Mertsat® Electronics, which has a dynamic staff of about 40 people consisting of engineers, technicians and operators and 20 team vehicles, is continuing to place the milestones of the sector without compromising on service quality. 

     Mertsat® Electronics provides technical training to its SME customers that give installation and maintenance service, on installation, maintenance and simple repair techniques for its products according to the norms defined within the scope of the quality management system. The vast majority of the aforementioned training services are carried out at the headquarters of the company in Istanbul-Beykoz and no charge is demanded for training services conducted here.

     Mertsat® Electronics can provide information and support in accordance with the valid standards for closed-circuit satellite fiber optic communication and camera security, project design on computer, preparation of technical specifications or interpretation of existing technical specifications; it can also conduct on-site exploration of the plant if necessary. Engagement, testing, technical service and maintenance services of the installed systems are also thoroughly implemented according to •TS 12849 standard. 

     Mertsat® Electronics is proud to have contributed with its successful applications to the over 10.000 structures and facilities that have put their marks on the contemporary texture of the region such as military facilities, hospitals, schools, dormitories, trade centers, factories, petro-chemical facilities, residences and public buildings.