Starting from the structural cabling infrastructure projects, Mertsat supports different applications on both local and remote area networks and creates solutions that best meet the needs of its customers. Our company continuously develops solutions that support high performance, manageable and multi-protocol environments and can grow by working nonstop in any architecture or local communication network projects and with respect to this subject matter, constantly advances its high-quality product high quality labor philosophy with the leading brands of the world and presents to its customers.

In addition to wired communication solutions on local communication networks, it also applies wireless communication solutions using the most advanced products and technologies in customer environments. Thus, it is possible to support with a wireless network the domains in which high-speed, continuous, voice, data and video are supported together, and users and applications are concentrated. With the holistic view of structural cabling systems and experience of its expert staff, Mertsat provides Data / Network Systems which can be used for years and without problems.