Mertsat installs plate recognition and undercarriage monitoring systems as part of their security systems and provides integration with other security systems.

   License plate recognition systems are actively used in vehicle entrance/exit areas. In these systems, an image technology is used for the numbers and letters of the plate in the

images obtained by the camera. Plates that are read, can be recorded and used for the opening of the barrier. These systems can also be used in integration with card access control systems. Access is permitted by approving the plates and the car owners' cards together. The vehicle cannot enter or exit if the license plate and the card do not match. This integration will be a precaution against vehicle theft.

   Undercarriage monitoring systems are installed at vehicle control points to prevent the materials that can be dangerous from being secretly entered the building. During the passage of vehicles, high-resolution undercarriage photographs are taken, instantly reviewed, and even these images are saved and compared to previous images, with no need to pause.