It is established for the purpose of preventing the propagation of fire cases and their intervention if necessary. It is structured in such a way as to detect the fire situation which can occur through the detectors in the open and closed areas and to use alarming, control and communication functions together. Flammable-solid substances and fumes, toxic, suffocating, flammable or explosive gases; warning and warning systems against danger such as fire, explosion or poisoning caused by materials such as flammable liquids and vapors are provided.

• Conventional Fire Alarm Systems
• Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Systems
• Fire Alarm Panel
• Optical Smoke Detector
• Constant Temperature Detectors
• Temperature Increase Rate Detectors
• Multisensor Detectors
• Gas (Natural Gas / LPG) Detectors
• Beam Type Beam Detectors
• CO Detection Detectors
• Flame Spark Detectors
• Exproof
• Line Heat Detection
• Siren and Flashers
Air Sampler detection systems